calScreener™ Testimonials

The calScreeener™ is revolutionizing research and giving scientists the opportunity to explore what was previously unseen. Experience our technology through their eyes.

Prof. Christian Giske 

Chief Physician, Clinical Microbiology Department at Karolinska Hospital

Chairman, European committee on antimicrobial susceptibility testing (EUCAST)

"calScreener can be the solution to urgently needed customized treatments"

“Antimicrobial resistance is increasing rapidly and can cause infections that are extremely difficult to treat. Sometimes not even a single antimicrobial has remaining activity against these pathogens. The only possible management is customized solutions with rapid and accurate quantitative measurements. Moreover, there is a great need for testing several antimicrobials simultaneously, to predict the effects of combination therapy. Thus far there is no existing commercial solution for this problem which could be feasible to use in clinical laboratories.

The calScreener is uniquely positioned to potentially solve these problems and this is what enthused us to start testing Symcel’s technology in our research lab.”

Dr. Anni-Maria Örmälä-Odegrip

Senior Postdoc and Scientific Study Leader, Clinical Microbiology Department at Karolinska Hospital

"In antimicrobial susceptibility testing we have been able to significantly cut down the time"

“The calScreener is a unique device for monitoring bacterial growth – or inhibition of growth by antimicrobials. The most valuable attribute with the technique is that by monitoring the heat released in the system, it allows you to observe the bacterial metabolism in real-time, as opposed to optical methods, where the bacterial debris or metabolically inactive cells will give a signal – often resulting in a lag in the data. 

In antimicrobial susceptibility testing we have been able to significantly cut down the time that it takes to observe if a given antimicrobial inhibits the growth of the bacteria. In bacterial growth measurements for analyzing the bacterial fitness, the unique metabolic patterns of individual species or isolates give us much more resolution on the analysis, and sometimes we have been a bit puzzled by being able to see phenomena that we would not track with other methods. But this is definitely a positive problem! 

Our next step is to start routinely using calScreener for the screening process of selecting suitable bacteriophages for phage therapy for multidrug-resistant bacteria. The characteristics of the device are perfect for observing the detailed dynamics between the bacterial hosts and their viral parasites, giving us valuable information on which phages should be selected for further trials in the development process.”

Asst. Prof. Willem van Wamel

Head of the Staphylococcus Group, Medical Microbiology Department at Erasmus MC

"Isothermal microcalorimetry allows us to observe in real-time the metabolic status of biofilm associated bacteria and therefore to select the antibiotics that are active against them."

Dr. Suado Abdillahi

CSO, Colzyx

“Colzyx has developed novel antibacterial peptides derived from Collagen VI. 
We have extensively characterized the killing activity against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria in vitro and gained detailed insight in the bactericidal nature of these peptides.

The calScreener metabolic rates assay further shows the different impact on bacterial growth both on inhibition properties as well as the potency of bacterial killing in a planktonic growth system using P.aeruginosa as model organism. Calorimetric assessment of growth inhibition is a valuable tool to determine the properties of lead drug candidates and rank the desired properties.”

Dr. Olivier Braissant

Senior Researcher, University of Basel

“The calScreener is an instrument combining high sensitivity and high throughput. This instrument is ideal for most biotechnology purposes involving organisms from bacteria to small nematodes. As a consequence, a few thousand cells are already sufficient to have a clear thermal response. It is particularly well suited for drug susceptibility assays and metabolic studies.

The calScreener perfectly complements other thermal analysis tools such as DSC or ITC in biotech environment and drug discovery. It is also a valuable alternative to other time consuming techniques and assays.”