CEO update on COVID-19

CEO update on COVID-19

We find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic that is causing a great deal of uncertainty from international governments to individual families. With that in mind, I want Symcel’s position to be clear throughout and we will be posting regular updates on our website.

We have quickly adapted our operations to be safe and efficient, prioritizing the well-being of our team and customers. We are continuously monitoring developments and are taking actions to support our customers and partners across Europe and the US.

As a small company built by business drivers and scientists that cherish shared creativity, constantly adjusting is part of our company culture. As the news around COVID-19 came out we quickly emptied our office to reduce the number of people on our premises and allow for good social distancing. This means that people who need to run demos and experiments in our lab can do so which is helping to maintain a productive demo schedule. All field and application scientists as well as production colleagues can work as they run the lab/production facilities with increased physical distance to reduce risk of any potential virus spreading. 

Physical conferences have been cancelled and our installation teams are currently restricted to Sweden. But in all challenges, there is opportunity. In the past few weeks we have launched several new initiatives, including single box shipments to enable completely virtual instrument installations during COVID-19 travel restrictions. We have doubled the number of internal experimental demos in our lab and at the end of April we aim to run 7 instruments in parallel daily at Symcel, drastically increasing data output. Accompanying this, we have just launched a new development program for automation of calScreener data analysis. In addition, we are addressing potential opportunities for the calScreener in the area of antiviral development and testing. As the research community has gone virtual, video calls over Zoom with potential customers to highlight our technology and data have doubled.

If you’d like to take advantage of our increased capacity without the need to travel, read how in this link and reach out for a demo or scientific presentation: Taking advantage of our online systems during the COVID-19 pandemic 

Symcel has a large focus on severe infections and antimicrobial resistance and are in the final phase of a multi-center study of using our technology for rapid combination testing of antibiotics. Results are very encouraging, especially regarding the predictability between in vitro and in vivo treatment outcomes. We are grateful to our collaborators who finished all experimental work on time and that, even though several of them are in countries severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, have been able to continue to support data analysis and manuscript writing. We are therefore not experiencing any disruptions to this program.

Our customer service and application teams are operating at full speed and you can place orders and reach out for online support and technical presentations or schedule a free demo to see what data we can get for your experimental system.

To see if you’d be eligible fill out our demo request form.

We recognize our responsibility towards partners, customers and our team. Our aim is to enable faster and better drug development and diagnostics for severe infections. Now that goal seems more important than ever. We will work tirelessly to make our technology a key part of the solution for treating infections faster.

For more up to date information about Symcel, especially in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please keep an eye on our website or get updates directly to your inbox by signing up to our newsletter.


Stay safe,