Cell metabolism and monitoring made easy

Our label-free multi-channel assay measures the specific metabolic phenotype for cells and pathogens in real-time with exceptional precision.

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The calScreener™ cell-based assay provides a phenotype response measurement with unprecedented sensitivity and versatility.

Smarter drug development Bridge the gap between in-vitro and in-vivo testing

Rapid and accurate diagnostic Customize treatments for infections due to multi-resistant bacteria

Full control of your cell-based assay We see what others do not see. We are more precise

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Want to see what others cannot?

All living cells produce heat during metabolism. We measure this heat at unsurpassed precision. No heat equals no metabolism. The only absolute measurement of death.

We make it possible to see what was previously impossible. Applications are limited only by the imagination of the scientist. Bacteria. Cells. Organoids. Worms. Ants. Feces. If it fits in the tube we can measure it.

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€3.6 million for antibiotics testing

Multiresistant bacteria is one of the largest global threats to human kind. We aim to reduce this threat with rapid diagnostics.

We have partnered with internationally renowned clinical microbiologists and received one of the largest Horizon 2020 grants ever awarded a Swedish company. We are now validating calScreener™ as the gold standard for combination testing of antibiotics.

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