Symcel’s new engineer is increasing production and R&D capacity

Symcel’s new engineer is increasing production and R&D capacity

Our Production and Application Engineer, Sandra Månsson, with the first calScreener she built.

2018 saw Symcel growing as never before, evolving from two members to a fully fledged 9-people team.

As we dynamically entered the market and demands to increase production of our in-house built instrument arose, it was clear early on that we would need a skilled engineer to boost production output.

Sandra Månsson joined the Symcel team as our Production and Application Engineer, quickly engaging in production planning, manufacturing and ensuring timely delivery of our products.

Sandra is is an engineer specialized in biotechnology through her undergraduate and master studies at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). She developed a special interest in industrial development which was cultivated through internships in Stockholm University and Spiber Technologies. There, she honed her skills and ascertained that taking a product through all stages of development is what she wanted to work with in her next position.

At Symcel, it was soon clear that Sandra was the perfect fit for the growing team.
After half a year of learning the ins and outs of the calSceener and producing multiple instruments herself, Sandra is looking forward to Symcel’s continuous growth, which presents large opportunities for both current and future generations of Symcel’s products.