Next-Gen Microbiome and Probiotics

Next-Gen Microbiome and Probiotics

The 6th Annual MarketsandMarkets Next-Gen Microbiome and Probiotics Conference, set to convene on the West Coast, presents a great opportunity for Symcel. Here, the brightest minds and the latest advancements in microbiome and probiotics research will be presented and discussed, and we’re thrilled to be able to speak at such an exciting event.

Networking with Industry Leaders and Academia

The conference boasts participation from a diverse array of professionals across the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and therapeutics industries, as well as academia. Attendees include chief executives, senior directors, researchers, scientists, and clinical research professionals from departments such as microbiome discovery, biochemistry, microbiome science, and gut biology, among others. This cross-section of attendees is a perfect representation of an industry that relies on academic innovation in the research lab as well as a key understanding of consumer needs. This is why it’s so important for industry and academia to get together at events like this. For Symcel, this presents a unique opportunity to network with potential collaborators, customers, and thought leaders who are directly involved in areas relevant to Symcel's core business interests.



Exposure to Cutting-edge Research and Innovations

The focus of the conference on next-generation microbiome and probiotics research aligns perfectly with Symcel's mission to innovate within the life sciences sector. By attending, we can gain insights into the latest research, trends, and technological advancements in the field as well as show the world how biocalorimetry can make it much easier to study microbial communities in otherwise difficult-to-measure substrates.

Presenting our vision of the future

We are also very excited to be able to give a talk to present our vision of how biocalorimetry can be used in microbiome research and probiotic development. This is probably going to be a new technology for most and we will share how some of the biggest companies in probiotics are already using biocalorimetry to produce new and exciting products.

If you are attending the conference, please reach out to either Chris or Katrin who would love to talk to you. 

If you can’t make it, please feel free to check out our webinar where we presented our technology to the US Pharmacopeia. 

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