Why choose the calScreener™?

calScreener workflow

Test in difficult conditions

Opaque, viscous or solid media and any kind of cells or complex models

Accurate in-vivo prediction​

Mimic the natural environment of your sample

Direct metabolic readout

No proxies,

no additional reagents

Rapid detection

Detect metabolic activity as fast as 2 hours

How does it work?

The calScreener™ allows you to measure the total metabolic activity of your sample, in real-time, at your desired conditions and unlimited run-time that can be set from hours to months.


By directly measuring the heat produced as a result of metabolic processes in the sample, you get an energy output measured in μW, that provides new input not previously possible to see with traditional methods.

Explore applications

Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing




Antimicrobials Development

Complex Models

Cancer Biology


We are using the calScreener to investigate the optimal treatment of in-vitro and in-vivo bacterial biofilm.
Thomas Bjarnsholt
Professor Thomas Bjarnsholt
The calScreener can be the solution to urgently needed customized treatments.
Christian giske
Professor Christian Giske

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